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EZ Police Training

EZ Police Training provides a trademarked solution that combines enterprise-level content creation with testing metrics specific to local and state regulatory bodies.  The result is an easy-to-report, easy-to-track training platform that can be accessed remotely and customized based on the unique needs of each client partner. 

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Development of training materials

Film production

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When the City of Atlanta Law Department received a mandate to further develop their law enforcement officers, they needed a media and communications firm able to work seamlessly across key departments and deliver a high-quality, bespoke training platform.


We developed multiple proprietary software platforms to deliver training for police officers.

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The City of Atlanta Police Training Academy

The City of Atlanta Law Department aspires to be viewed as a “best in class” municipal law department – an exemplary benchmark. The City of Atlanta Police Department is recognized for their professionalism and the service they provide to their communities.

To satisfy the needs and exceed the expectations of these departments, we designed a custom solution that allows our clients to meet intense, federally mandated deadlines.

At TTV, we work closely with each of our clients to develop unique communications solutions. We achieve this by developing authentic relationships with client organizations so that we can deliver our services seamlessly, as if we’re just another part of their core business.

Behind the scenes of the police training video shoot
Tablet screen during video shoot of police training

Through this project we were able to showcase our wide breadth of capabilities to create content for the training programs we developed.

To deliver this project we worked with a wide range of teams including the law department, police force, police training academy, film production crews, software development teams, and project administrators.


We partnered with the city’s law department and police department and helped the city avoid being found in contempt of federal court. With just ten days to get the job done, we were done in nine.

Our work has resulted in the design and delivery of training by creating software which is able to recreate multiple civil rights violations which have been dealt with through federal lawsuits.

This training has been delivered to over 2,000 active and retired sworn police officers within an accelerated timeline,

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