Working with us.

We’ll start by listening to your unique needs. Then, we’ll work together to push past obstacles and implement solutions that lead to positive outcomes.

New solutions for age-old problems.

If we continue to approach engagement in the same way, we’ll keep missing opportunities to effectively reach key audience groups. What if we did it differently?

We partner with:

Enterprises and Consultancies


Government Entities


Engineering Firms


Planning Firms

Move beyond checklists and expected standards.

Work with us to set new standards for how you engage with audiences and exceed the set goals for your organization.

Overcome Longstanding Obstacles

Our solutions address challenges you’ve been up against for years.

Reach New Audiences

We’ll help you effectively engage new, key audiences.

Cultivate Audience Loyalty

Engage with audience members so fully that they become part of the solution.

Choose a branded solution and see our work in action.

Water Solutions

Engineering and design firms, utilities, and environmental-focused organizations.

Transportation Solutions

Transportation infrastructure projects and programs with communications mandates.

Law Enforcement Solutions

Training platforms for proactive compliance in a highly regulated, highly visible industry.

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About TTV Consulting

A new way of looking at engagement and involvement.

Global, national, and local firms partner with us for innovative, effective approaches to challenges that have been with them for decades.

Eboni Green, CEO

“My vision for this firm has always been to bring fresh perspective and a diversity of experience to multiple sectors. As I observed each industry we were invited into, I saw opportunities to do things differently. When we utilize our trademarked processes, each project and program presents an exciting opportunity to partner, participate, and perform.”

Eboni Green
DBE Certified
MBE Certified
Certified WBENC - Women's Business Enterprise
Avixa - Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association

Select Partners

Clayton County Water Authority
City of Baltimore
Fulton County
Louis Berger
Fulton County

What our partners are saying.

TTV Consulting came to the rescue when faced with the challenge of creating a world class training that met specific legal and technical requirements. They also ensured that we had the ability to pull all the necessary metrics from the testing results to ensure the efficacy of the training. TTV Consulting took what first appeared to be an impossible task and turned it into a reality.
I cannot thank them enough.

Assistant Regional Counsel, EZPolice Training Partner

TTV consulting brings a collaborative, creative approach that focuses on real solutions. They cut through the clutter and noise that can inevitably happen when it comes to communications. They have a unique way of taking it back to the basics yet put a modern twist that makes it fresh and engaging. 

Communications and Community Relations Manager, WaterComm.Co Partner

TTV Consulting drives effective community engagement through technology and creativity. Their team developed the now-adopted brand along with a refreshed communications strategy to positively influence public opinion regarding infrastructure development. Their firm constantly reimagines ways to communicate the benefits of clean water infrastructure to the city and its residents with creativity and intention. Global Engineering Firm, Regional Program Manager

Regional Program Manager, WaterComm.Co Client Partner

TTV Consulting has been a vital partner for us over the years. They provide thoughtful insight and support, and always make sure to center our needs and those of our core stakeholders. National Non-Profit President

National President, Mics to Messaging Client Partner