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Social For Transportation

Social, mobile, and virtual strategies connect with key audiences in effective and inclusive ways leading to higher engagement rates and lower implementation costs.

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Make digital communications, and especially social media, an indispensable frontrunner in transportation infrastructure messaging to increase public involvement with projects.


Create a plan that prioritizes social, mobile, and other digital communications as an integrated part of the organization’s strategy.

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Meeting the Public Involvement Mandate in Transportation

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Georgia Department of Transportation

COVID-19 hit three years into the development of the country’s first Commercial Vehicle Lanes. With the project spanning five counties just outside of Metropolitan Atlanta and the communications mandates still in place, what was our team to do?

Think differently about public involvement.

TTV Consulting developed a digital strategy that included SMS, strategically located beacons, mobile GPS systems, and social media.

The Result

The state Department of Transportation mandated that every project within the $11b Infrastructure Development Program rise to the new standard of public involvement. That’s what rethinking mandated processes can accomplish.

Complete Streets

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Fulton County

Complete Streets: Creating Safe, Accessible, Healthy Communities

When a local county wanted to clearly express its efforts regarding safe, inclusive, and intentional transportation planning in a major metropolitan city, we took the opportunity to create an engaging story that featured community members impacted by transportation planning.  The result?  A clear explanation of streets designed to work for the community.  

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