Bridging the gap between the wastewater industry and the communities they serve.

It’s time to talk about the work that goes into providing communities access to clean water.

We partner with engineering firms, local utilities and water-focused organizations to provide clear, engaging, and compelling information that positions organizations as providers and protectors of clean water, advocates for environmental action, and equitable economic expansion partners in communities where they make impact.

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Clayton County Water Authority

The “Most Innovative Water Utility in the World” wanted to proactively engage with customers. We’ve spent the past five years creating communication processes that help constituents and leaders become brand ambassadors for the utility.

Huie Nature Preserve Foundation - A proposed recreational and educational amenity unlike anything in the metro Atlanta region.

Turning 750+ Unused Acres Into a Learning Experience

Clayton County Water Authority created the Huie Nature Preserve Foundation as an effort to create one of Georgia’s largest recreational and educational experiences. TTV Consulting was asked to lead marketing for the site, which will feature archery, campsites, horse trails, and water cycle education experiences. 

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Jacobs: Clear Chattanooga

When a critical infrastructure program was dealing with major pushback, our services were needed to positively influence public opinion.

We branded the $750m consent decree, and have spent the past four years as a trusted partner in the continued process of turning residents into engaged project champions. 

Clear Chattanooga - New Liner Old Pipe infographic
Clear Chattanooga - Best Town Ever by Outside Magazine
Clear Chattanooga - Restore, Repair, Replace
Clear Chattanooga - Let's Go Outside
A small town with big adventure - Lonely Planet
The Moccasin Bend Wastewater Treatment Plant is now the The Moccasin Bend Environmental Campus
Let's Have a Beer and Talk About Water - Clear Chattanooga and Next Round Brewing poster

Water = Beer

(and public health, etc)

A regional Water Environment Federation chapter seized the opportunity to make a direct connection from the water treatment process to a tasty recreational beverage. Two local breweries partnered to produce limited edition beers that were showcased at the 2021 annual conference.

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Is your utility prepared to execute communications surrounding lead exceedances?  We have partnered to create, a toolkit for mandatory communications processes related to the EPA’s new Lead and Copper Rule.

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